Anders Blixt

Anders Blixt | Ohio

Sept 29th, 2018 - Opening day of bow in Ohio this year I was blessed to come across an old warrior. It was almost 80 degrees and I had just closed the lid on my hunting clothes box after turning the Ozonics unit on. I looked at my hunting buddy Larry and said "I guess we better head in." It was about 3:30pm. As we drove to our hunting land about 10 minutes down the road we spotted a big deer in a large bean field. After pulling the binoculars out and glassing this giant we knew we had to ask for permission. We rolled up to the house and a lady with two young kids was riding an atv to check the mail. We politely asked permission after explaining the situation and she said that they were hunters and that her father in law was home and would try to harvest the deer. We said to each other "Well at least we tried" We rolled back to the buck and noticed he had moved off in the bean field and laid down. We could just see the tips of his antlers and they blended in real well with the dry beans. I said to my buddy "We have to help the father in law find this deer, he will never spot him." We went back to the driveway that was shared by the lady and her father in law. When we got to the house she was just coming out. I apologized for coming by again and assured her we were just there to offer assistance to her father in law. She said to us "He is not home, and honestly I would try to kill him if I didn't have the kids, y'all seem like nice honest people and you came back to help, so if you think you can kill him just go right ahead!" We were stoked! We rolled back down to the road, I suited up from my scent free box, Larry hopped in the driver's seat, and off we went. Larry dropped me off and I snuck in to the bean field. I tried to get the wind in my advantage but it kept going left to right and then right to left. I creeped on my knees out to about 30 yards from the deer. As I neared the buck he showed that he was very alert to something going on. When the wind would blow I would move a foot or two closer. The last 20 minutes I moved 18 yards. I was now 12 yards away from a world class whitetail! I could only see the tips of his antlers. The dry beans made it impossible to move any closer as they rattled every time I hit one. As I sat there wondering what to do I thought to myself "I have to kill this deer!" I couldn't bare the thought of telling this story and not have a harvest at the close of it. I bowed my head and prayed for guidance. Just then a thought came to me. Stomp my foot and get the deer to stand. try and make him nervous. I got ready. Bow in hand and pointed at the buck. He had to stand and turn around to completely look in my direction. Larry was in the truck watching from the road, so maybe the buck would look at him. Now or never.... I tapped my foot loud enough for him to hear. The buck started looking around frantically and stood up! 12 yards away and I could not see an ethical shot! He looked toward the road, he looked around the field, he looked at the far woods, and then he turned as he took two steps toward the woods. That was all I needed. I sent the arrow screaming towards his quartering away rib cage. The arrow went about half way in and blood instantly started flowing. He ran to the woods and then slowly walked in. Now the wait. We waited 30 minutes and rode back to the landowner's house. The lady's husband followed us up the driveway. We told them the updated story and the lady said she had just seen a coyote headed toward the downed buck. I grabbed my bow and we headed in. Larry and I split the creek that flowed behind the bean field where I had shot the buck. I walked in the field and found the blood trail. As soon as I made it to the woods following the trail I hear Larry start yelling! I look in his direction and here comes the buck being chased by the coyote! I joined the chase and the coyote bailed out. I followed behind the buck until he hit the creek where he stopped to asses the situation. I fired the finishing shot and he was mine. What an intense finish! The landowner joined me and explained that he had been seeing this buck for almost ten years!! He was a true legend of the area. The landowner shared several stories and pictures of the deer and was very happy I had a chance to harvest the deer. I couldn't have been more thankful for how they treated me and with the outcome of the hunt. The buck well past his prime still taped out at 178' B&C gross. 12 yards away and on the ground with a legend. I will enjoy telling this story for the rest of my life.