Cameron Fourrier

Cameron Fourrier | Texas

I was hunting a deer that I had named “The Terminator” because of his fearless attitude and his willingness to fight almost any other buck that got in his way. This buck was a very spooky and extra cautious deer I had never seen him walk the same route twice. I had seen him 3 hunts in a row but he just never come within bow range. I went out hunting in a misty cold front with hard swirling winds and I had my Ozonics unit on boost. He appeared downwind and checked out the area tremendously before he decided it was safe to proceed. The area I was hunting in was heavily traveled by humans so this deer was on red alert no matter how many deer there were or how much corn was on the ground. He proceeded to walk in on a trail that was straight down wind of my tree. At this moment I was thanking god that I had my Ozonics unit above me. He came in and started feeding on a tree line but didn’t look as if he was going to stick around for long being the rut. I knew if I was going to harvest this brute this was my time. He looked up for a half second to check on the other deer feeding, as I drew my bow he turned broadside and I let an arrow fly resulting in the best buck I have taken with a bow. I don’t think that I could have arrowed my best buck to date without my Ozonics unit completely eliminating all of the scent blown around by the winter winds.