Cole Tanner | Iowa

When I walk into the woods there’s a fire that burns inside me that I can feel in the skip of my step.  What fuels this fire is what I love the most about whitetail hunting.  On any given day, from the treestand I sit, an absolute giant might walk by.  The realization of that opportunity speaks to me in these wild, open spaces.  As a bowhunter I wait patiently for the annual whitetail ritual that is the rut.  Days turn into weeks of waiting and watching.  I seem only allowed to be a spectator as the season unfolds.  And then, just like that, here he came…  I harvested this buck upwind of my position.  The role my Ozonics HR300 played what seem unrelated.  The vivid memory of seeing that buck up close and personal will long not be forgotten.  As the years go by what will slip from my memory is the mature doe he was dogging.  She had become part of frantic dance with him that kept her moving forward.  Her every step was given his full attention as he trailed 20 yards behind her.  My attention had shifted from her to him.  She had become a part of my peripheral vision that seemed to be tunneling on what was about to take place.  But her presence I couldn’t ignore, she had made her way directly downwind of position.  The imaginary string she pulled him along with would easily be broken if danger was detected.  But she had no idea I was there.  Did my Ozonics help me harvest this buck?  Absolutely, I know that’s something I won’t long forget.