David Lintz | Southern Illinois

I had tried ozonics the year before with mixed reviews. I never got "busted" by deer when I was using ozonics, but the fan was a little louder than I liked and sometimes kept me from hearing everything I wanted to hear.  But, after careful consideration, I believed that there are definitely times that the positives outweigh the negatives....I'm so glad I did!

Last year, season was three quarters over, I had seen several bucks, but no opportunities at what I considered "shooter" bucks. On the second to last morning of my bow hunting, winds were forecasted to be out of the southeast which is perfect for one of my favorite stands. Its a transition area next to a bedding area. Does love to bed in this area coming from the east and north east. Bucks love to cruise this area around the rut looking for hot does. Well, instead of steady southeast winds, I got the "dreaded light and variable" with very slight breeze bouncing in every direction.  About 8 that morning, I had several does in the area and also two small bucks.  Then walks in a good looking buck coming from the west! About the time he is 25 yards from me he is due south of me (which should be perfect for the forecasted wind), the wind shifts and comes directly out of the NORTH!! Oh no!!! Completely wrong wind!! I start mentally counting down because I KNOW I'm about to get busted! Thank goodness for my Ozonics! This deer did stop when he was straight down wind like he caught "something". He put his nose in the air, stopped for 3-4 seconds and then kept walking. There was a branch above a scrape I had not seen about 3 steps away and this buck stops again, worked the scrape and rubbed on the licking branch for a good 2 minutes...all the while smelling the branch and being nearly straight down wind of me! I was so nervous because I knew from experience that any deer that close to dead downwind of me was going to bust me. I was afraid to even look at him. As he started to walk off, I got the binoculars up and gave him a very good look and I could see that my initial take on the deer was correct....the deer was maybe around 130-135 inch deer, but looking at him closer I saw a lot of grey in the muzzle area and I could see some sag in his hide around his neck and he had a HUGE body. I realized this deer had to be 5.5 or even 6.5 year old and probably was at his peak in terms of antler size. It was too late now as he was now 60-70 yards away walking away and had just been 23 yards from my stand, so I did not want to call to him....still, great encounter and proof positive that Ozonics works!!

Fast forward to the very next morning. This time I did get more of a steady east southeast wind as they forecasted so I snuck back in to the same tree. After seeing several young bucks right off the bat, I rattled about 45 minutes after daylight and I could hear a deer coming from the north east. I got my crossbow ready for the shot and as I peaked around the tree, I saw the buck coming in from 30 yards away to the north east. It was the SAME old buck from the morning before!! This time, I did not need to look at the rack or get a closer look to make a decision. I had already decided if I was lucky enough to see this buck again he was going home with me! As the buck strolled in to 15 yards I put the crosshairs on him and touched the trigger. The buck piled up not more than 40 yards later and measured at 133 3/8"!
Not my biggest buck but a nice mature buck for sure! We aged him at about 6.5 year old and he was completely fooled the previous morning by me and my Ozonics. Had he busted me the morning before, it is very unlikely I would have ever seen this buck again! 
Thanks ozonics!