Dominic Bow | New Jersey Whitetail
It was 9/11/2018 and the rain was supposed to end in the evening, it was at that point I knew I had to get into the woods. I called my buddy Vinny Larocca and asked him if he was able to come film me during the hunt. Vinny immediately said "I'm in!" While driving at Vinny's house we gathered all of our clothes and through them into the DriWash Bag for the drive.  We were headed to a spot where I buck I had named Bombay lived.   

As we pulled into the home owners residence we removed our clothes from the DriWash Bag and got dressed. As we approached the ground blind I immediately took my HR200 and HR300 out of my backpack and began running them. Due to the strong winds from the hurricane I thought it was necessary to utilize both HR units. Each unit was attached to both sides of the blind and ran on Boost mode. There was no way I was letting these deer smell us, since the woods were so thick I figured we would saturate the area with ozone.

I don't think it was 10 minutes being in the blind and deer started to appear. First a mature doe and her three young fawns appeared and then a buck I called Gimp. While watching the deer brows and other animals appeared throughout the hours; I knew Bombay was going to appear. The rain had stopped and It was now about 4:55pm. I look over to Vinny and said "he's coming any minute." Not but 4 minutes later I looked out the right side of the blind and there he stood, 20 yards and walking straight to us. Soon as Vinny looked in my direction he knew. My heart was beating so loud, it sounded like Jurassic Park when T-Rex would walk. The beads of sweat rolled off my forehead and down my face as if I got sprayed by a hose. It was ON!

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened them. There he was, this 19 point 160+ inch whitetail at 12 yards standing down wind from the blind. I couldn't believe what was unfolding. I turned to Vinny and he gave me the ok and I drew back. As I picked my spot behind Bombay's shoulder, the noise from the birds and wind went silent. The arrow left my Elite right on point and WACK! Boiler maker! Bombay ran off through the thicket and I couldn't believe I was just 12 yards from such a high caliber whitetail! 

While I was sitting there in the blind Vinny said "I heard him fall, he's down!" I was so excited I didn't know what to even do with myself or who to call or what to say. After getting some footage from with in the blind we then decided it was time to go track him. As I found my broken arrow covered in red blood, it was no secret in where he ran, there was a straight trail of broken saplings and kicked up leafs. As I walked through the thicket I caught a glimpse of white and knew it was him, 40 yards and he was down! I can thank Ozonics enough for how this product has changed the hunting industry and my experience as a hunter. This is a buck of a lifetime and I'm happy to share it with everyone!