Eric Dew | SE Ohio
My son bought his farm the first day of archery season so we did not have a lot of scouting time to get in and figure things out. So we found any pinch point and travel area we could then setup blinds.  We ended getting 2 really good bucks on camera and decided it was going to be those 2 we would go after.  The buck I was fortunate to harvest we never saw on the hoof til the day I harvested him.  An all day set with the wind blowing at a cross towards where the deer had been coming from.  But after hunting for over a month and running the HR300 each time I knew I was safe.  We actually put it to the test one evening, we shut off the Ozonics and within a minute a doe was blowing non-stop.  We turned the unit back on she blew for another minute then settled down.  Its not worth the risk to chance a deer to come in directly down wind and blow out the woods.  This year we will once again be using our Ozonics each time we head out.