Jay Trudell | Wisconsin

I've been hunting a very small area and in years past I was getting busted after a couple sits. No room for multiple stands to play the wind. So I bought an Ozonics HR300 with some expectations, but I was still reserved. I hunted and started seeing more deer than ever, many down wind and they stayed in the food plot. Lots more bucks than normal, many 2 year olds, none busted me! Then on October 29th a big buck showed up. It was a night that was mostly calm with an occasional breeze toward the food plot. The buck showed upwind on a runway headed for the plot and I made a slow move to get into position, I think he saw me. He froze, I froze, we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, probably only a couple minutes, and he circled away. About 15 minutes later he came back into the wind, my scent should have been blowing right to him! He seemed pretty confident and this time he put a lot of brush in between us for me to draw my bow. He slowly walked into the food plot broadside at about 20 yards and I made a good shot! After a short track job we recovered this nice Pope and Young 10 pointer that weighed in at 225 lbs field dressed! Thank you Ozonics! You made a believer out of me!  Jay Trudell/Trudell Outdoor Adventures and Taxidermy Studios