Ken Beckford | Wisconsin

The hunt was pretty simple.

It was the morning of Sept. 16th opening morning of the Wisconsin bow season, the temperature was about 70 degrees with highs projected into the mid 80’s for highs.

I found myself sitting in a small oak flat with the wind in my face, I was anticipating the deer coming back by me to head to the bedding area. I had the Ozonics HR 300 above me just in case the deer came from downwind.

About 6:30 am, I caught a glimpse of an antler to my right and saw two bucks (one smaller buck and the one I ended up shooting) at 25 yards.  They had come from downwind and were so close so I couldn’t draw.  I had to let the deer go and figured they headed off to bed for the day. About 15 minutes later, I caught a glimpse of the larger buck coming back. I drew and stopped him in an opening about 35 yards, and the rest is history.

This was my very first sit with my Ozonics and I am definitely sold on this unit.  It was hot and the deer came from dead down wind and never even had a care.  There is no doubt in my mind the HR 300 aided me that day in the harvesting of this buck.