M.S. Brackin

I’M 69 years old. Been hunting southern deer since 12. Killed well over 100 whitetails, all fair chase. Long southern season causes multiple sits in same stands on limited lease acres. We have evolved from hunting stands every week or two due to scent residual. After purchasing Ozonic 5-7 years ago, we hunt same stands daily. Every member of family (3) hunts with Ozonic. I own two 200’s and one 300. Guess who has the 300. Nevertheless all units have proven themselves in field. Having witnessed the innovations in whitetail hunting products in last 57 years, I consider the Ozonic to be the greatest. You would spend $300-$400 dollars on a cheap scope, “for Christ sake”. Take away a deer’s nose and you have just disarmed him of his most important defense mechanism! Buy one then let’s debate whether it’s worth the investment! Hell, Ozonic you should offer a 100% money back free return satisfaction guarantee.