I have been hunting for many years and each year it didn't matter how much "cover" scent I used or how frequently I washed my hunting clothes, I would constantly be busted by deer. Being "busted" each year became very frustrating and made me feel defeated to the point that I contemplated not hunting as frequently. This year I decided to spend the money and purchase the Orion Ozonics Pro Pack. I followed all the instructions and watched every video on the website, as I wanted to be sure that everything was set up correctly. The very first time using the unit in the woods I could tell it was well worth the money, I had deer after deer passing down wind of me and the majority had no clue I was there. The deer that were able to tell that someone/something had been there (as they smelled where I had walked in) did not perceive the smell as a current threat. I was amazed and couldn't wait to finally have the opportunity at a decent NYS buck. Days and deer went by however no "shooter" bucks appeared until 11/9/19 approximately 30 minutes before sunset. I happen to notice the flickering of a white tail, and the deer appeared to be running away from my location. Many thoughts ran through my head and the instructional videos I watched began replaying in my head. Knowing that everything set up correctly, I began to doubt the Ozonics unit and thought that perhaps the deer had caught my wind and I was once again busted!! Little did I know, that the deer were not running away from me but a "hot" doe was being chased by a buck. With the deer running back and forth down the trail adjacent to my stand, I knew it was only a matter of time until I would presented with a shot. When the doe walked within range (down wind) and the buck followed, I drew back and waited for my shot. With my heart racing, I released the arrow and heard the buck let out a groan then took off.