Travis Hammons | Utah

I climbed in my tree stand at 6:10 a.m. with a steady North Eastern wind going down the mountain. At 7:55 a.m. I stood up in time to notice a velvet bull working his way into bow range. The wind was dead calm as he approached. The wind had been good all morning but suddenly as he was closing the distance I felt the wind swirl like it does when the thermals start to change. He stood motionless at 50 yards smelling the air and licking his noise. I moved my Ozonics to help destroy my scent. 30 seconds later he began walking toward my well placed stand again. At 28 yards he stood broadside looking magnificent. I cow called to hold his position as I came to full draw. With careful aim I sent an arrow through his vitals. He flinched but did not move. Unaware of my presence and with a well placed arrow he expired 10 seconds later. Thanks Ozonics! Elk survive because of last second swirling winds. Not this time, my Ozonics 300 was in my corner at my back!  :)))))))