We designed Ozonics to be simple to use in the field. As hunters, we also understand that each hunting situation is unique and may require a different application technique. That's why we put together this collection of instructional videos. Here you'll learn exactly how to position and use your Ozonics device in a wide variety of conditions. From the best way to mount your unit to what you should do during inclement weather, these videos will help you create even more opportunities in the field.

How to Set Up Ozonics in the Treestand
Luke Hartle discusses how to set up the Ozonics unit in a tree stand. Luke goes through the step-by-step process of how to use Ozonics in the tree stand correctly. ...
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The Ozonics DRiWASH System
Luke Hartle discusses the Ozonics DRiWASH system, how it works, and how to use it. In a perfect world you would wash your hunting clothes before and after every hunt. ...
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How To Set Up Ozonics In a Blind
Buddy Piland shows you how to set up Ozonics in a blind to improve your odds of success and create new hunting opportunities. This information includes how to control airflow through a hub-style or hard-sided blind just like controlling the smoke in a fireplace using the chimney flue. The video also shows you how to correctly position an Ozonics unit to come into contact with your human odor when exiting the blind. ...
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Ozonics Kinetic Pack
Unless you're hunting from your living room, you're on the move and always releasing your scent into the downwind airstream. ...
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How to Store Your Ozonics Battery for the Best Results
Find out how to take care of and store your Ozonics battery in the off-season for the best results next autumn. Protecting the battery and proper storage means longer life for you and better deer hunting. ...
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